Military dating and pen pal dan gheesling and keesha dating

The community has become a vapid cesspit of pervs, narcissists and scammers.As others have noted, the response rate to messages is low.In my opinion, the horse has well and truly bolted.It used to be a really good website until 2016, then the indian scammer was registering on there.One of those people became my current partner of 6 years, so fair play - it has its moments. In the past 5 years, I have made zero meaningful friendships through the site, and I have not changed my approach at all since I made 5 very good friends in 2007-2012.And yes, 4 of those 5 people noticed the same shift in the site around the 2012 mark and either left of abandoned their profiles.He pretended to be a brazilian, polish girls, dutch men, a dutch girl, afgani, indonesians, singaporean girl and filipina.

Often he's holding discussions between his different accounts, you can see it in the Indian thread and in the general threads.

So if you are a "good" penpal who writes long, well-thought-out messages to people who you believe you could become friends with, I'd advise not to bother.

The simple fact that half of your messages never even get read, and of the ones that are, you get a response to 2 in 5, makes the whole exercise a colossal waste of time.

Also his favourite issues are skin colour, racism and cannibalism.

During 1.5 years he lies that he met celebrities face to face and has a very beautiful GF from the USA, who calls him every day to India and loves him. He uses so many different names and stolen pictures .

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I had to block my message section from penpals members and wall.

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